About our services

I will use an attraction marketing strategy to craft words for your website. There are three key steps.

Stage 1 – Identify your target market

Your target market is the group of people, who you think will make your best customers. What are the key challenges they face? How can your business help them overcome these challenges? What solution do you offer? The answers to these questions should be the foundation for the wording on your website.

Stage 2 – Attract your target market

The right wording will help your website get to page 1 on major search engines, like Google. If you do not reach page 1, it will be much more difficult to bring your website to the attention of the type of customer you want. Your website needs to be like a shop in a busy market, not an oasis in the desert.

Stage 3 – Earn the trust of your potential customers

Once you have attracted the right people to your website, they need to believe that you can help. Most of the wording on your website – on your pages and your blog – should relate to the challenges your target market faces and how you can help them overcome those challenges. The words need to be clear and direct. Your website visitors won’t stay around unless you address their concerns.

Do you struggle to know what to say?

Would you like the right words to gain the attention of potential customers and referral partners? You may have heard that it’s good to be ‘more specific’. But how exactly do you do this – particularly if you have 60 seconds or less to make an impression?

  • Does your business have a Facebook page?
  • Are you on LinkedIn?
  • Do you post on any other social media platforms?
  • Do you use paid advertising online?
  • Do you attend networking groups where you get the chance to speak about your business?

I can write your posts or your presentations