About SpeakTo

SpeakTo is a dynamic leadership practice supporting leaders to overcome complex challenges by adopting a Scavenger Mindset.

Clare founded SpeakTo in 2009 in response to the overwhelming interest in her approach to solving complex problems without huge resources.

Her approach of galvanising existing resources to deliver their own solutions to the challenges they face is trailblazing. This experience transformed Clare’s views on leadership and demonstrated how much people can achieve with the right conditions in place. These conditions are freely available to all.

Clare’s complete belief in the ability of people within any community to drive change and growth is predicated on years of experience working with wide range of leaders, consistently finding untapped talent, and innovation from within.


Clare Richmond is the author of The Scavenger Mindset in which she encourages leaders to look again and deeper at their own skillpool, and the beliefs that maybe blocking their progress. Her passion is to help people discover how much can be achieved with far less resource than they imagine. To show that through building community and embracing uncertainty, we can succeed and even exceed our expectations.

Clare has an MA in Leadership and is a certified coach specialising in behavioural change. An award winning speaker, she is also a FRSA, a member of The Professional Speaking Association and a founding member of the Customer Pioneer Community.

What we achieve for our clients

Our clients come from public and private sector, communities and charities and increasingly we are supporting young and emerging leaders.

We work alongside our clients to build capacity and create the confidence from within, bringing fresh thinking to their stubborn problems.

We work with any leader , personally or professionally , who wants to make an impact, and who have questions about the best way to achieve their ambitious goals

We want to leave our clients feeling resourceful, inspired and galvanized, individually or as teams.

SpeakTo is led by social innovator and leadership consultant Clare Richmond.

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