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Revealing your dream team, where everyone has a vital part to play.

We work with amazing people and businesses who want to achieve more by working better with the people and resources they already have, to outperform their previous best ever. Our experience of grassroots innovation has given unique insight into how to bring people together around a shared purpose, to work effectively as a team, in the most challenging of circumstances. We motivate people by simply understanding what matters most to them.

Creating an environment where people are able to contribute their best, are willing to do so, and can bring their ‘A game’ to work every day is the ultimate achievement for any leader. Working in that environment allows people to achieve far more individually and collectively and helping to create that environment is where our experience and skills lie.

Create a culture of potential and positivity

In 12 years, we have revealed potential in all kinds of businesses, organisations, and communities, working each time with what is already there but overlooked, and bringing people together to work better as a team. We introduce fresh thinking to where potential lies and find opportunity in the limitations that once held them back.

Using techniques inspired by grassroots innovation, our skill is in helping to build highly effective communities within the workplace. Focussing on finding commonalities to unite, drawing on strengths from throughout the whole organisation to gain vital insights, understanding and greater collaborative thinking.

With years of experience of bringing grassroots thinking to corporate problems and proving you don’t need a lot to make a massive difference just something different to be done. Our aim is to build internal capacity and confidence to create teams better able to produce results no matter the climate of change.

The Crouch End High Street Regeneration Project

Discover your dream team

  • Achieve more with what you already have
  • Ignite new thinking and sense of possibility
  • Discover the full potential power of your teams
  • Regroup and revitalise fatigued teams
  • Identify small change strategies to have big impact
  • Reduce absenteeism, and staff turnover
  • Save money, work better with what you already have

“Clare resets mindsets and changes the possibilities of those who work with her, transforming not just a commercial operation but a high street neighbourhood or community. Clare has the rare ability to bring people together to develop a shared vision and ambition and get real practical changes to happen. Her infectious enthusiasm resets mindsets and changes the possibilities those who work with her are willing to consider.”

Bernard Marshall, Change Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat
“Speak To were able to engage a wide ranging community in a highly effective way; their snapshot discovery report enabled us to understand the underlying issues responsible for the current project inertia and identified the critical themes that define the optimum approach for transition. We have since commissioned them to continue their engagement work supporting the community, wider stakeholders and our team.”
Tony Hutchinson, Housing Regeneration Programme Director, Westminster City Council
“We need a lot more ‘good leadership and leadership for good’ in our communities at grassroots level. This Clare has identified, and she is now a unique voice in this really important field.”
Professor John Adair, Author & World Authority on Leadership
“Clare was both persuasive and passionate at Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‘The Future of the High Street’ event. She made a great impact.”
Andy Parfitt, Executive Director Talent, Saatchi & Saatchi
“Clare’s presentation was incredibly impactful. I am really excited to see what more we can do with Clare as I know it will take the work we’re doing much further than us continuing on our own.”
Hannah Lidgate, Head of Amplify, Tesco PLC
“I was particularly impressed with Clare’s ability to negotiate the very difficult task of balancing the priorities of the local authority with the needs of the businesses. It’s always been a pleasure to work with her.”
Nick Schlittner , Former Economic Regeneration Programme Manager, LB Haringey
“We were truly impressed by Clare’s thoughts, drive and ambition. To be aware of these multitude of issues and have the commitment and drive to carry them out is inspiring and deeply impressive.”
John Tollit, Genslar
“Clare’s unique experience, insights and challenging views, were invaluable. She brought clarity and vision to our ongoing commitment to create genuinely sustainable and viable models for the future of high street communities.”
Gary Massey, Director, Capita Symonds

SpeakTo’s 3 stage advisory & consultancy approach

Working with leaders and managers who believe in their teams’ capacity

Finding your strengths

Discover where potential lies and where your barriers exist
Short term assessment through 1:1 and team conversations

Drawing out your strengths

Outline recommendations, easy small step change to implement and manage

Going from strength to strength

Encouraging self-reliance and resiliency, building momentum
Regular top ups offered online or face to face
Pop up workshops. Team coaching. 1:1 coaching

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