Transformative Coaching with Clare Richmond

Small steps to big change.

I believe you have everything you need to live the life you want and since qualifying as a Coach, I have worked with all sorts of people on personal and professional level, to find what they are looking for, and to make the changes they want to see. From setting and meeting goals, to revealing new ways to live a more rewarding and happier life, I specialise in helping you find your potential, whatever that looks like and working with you to bring it to life. I provide a confidential safe environment to explore the full extent of your potential and shine a light on some of the areas that maybe holding you back. Everything you hope for is within your grasp, together we can get you there.

Discover your hidden potential through coaching

Coaching is a positive, proactive, and collaborative process. It requires work from both of us, but the results are all yours. Some of my clients have clear goals they want to meet, big or small, while others are finding themselves stuck in a rut that they want to move forwards from but not sure how. Sometimes it is simply a matter of self-confidence, being reminded of your strengths and where your values lie. Other times its finding clarity and discovering where limiting beliefs, are holding you back and stifling your potential. Mostly it’s a combination of everything. It is a journey – one we take together – and where the learning is as important as your actions. With the right environment, anything is possible.

A grassroots approach to coaching

My experience in grassroots innovation, and working with leaders to help them achieve more with less have given me insights and understanding of how much more we are all capable of when given the right environment to excel in. My role is to provide that environment. I will work with you to introduce fresh thinking around your stubborn problems, identify where possibility lies and ask the questions that will get you to the work you want to do, and the life you want to lead.

“I knew right from the beginning Clare’s way of working, her positivity was going to have a profound affect and she has transformed the way I think. It has allowed me to believe my goals are achievable, I have quickly seen evidence of that! I had believed I was too old, and not good enough, Clare helped me challenge my belief systems – I now have a spring in my step and I am actually doing something – not just talking about.”


“The coaching sessions were incredibly useful and crucially, I wasn’t involved in a passive exercise in which I wanted to be given the answers. I worked through the questions, I had set achievable, realistic, meaningful goals and quickly put them into practice.”


“When I signed up to coaching I was fearful of what I might discover, I needn’t have worried, Clare made me feel relaxed and completely in control of each session. She has helped me find confidence to take on a completely new role. She is nothing short of a magician!”

“Clare is one of the most uplifting, positive and supportive people that has come into my life. Since my sessions with Clare I have had the confidence to launch my own business and have more belief in my purpose than ever before. I can’t recommend her enough as a coach.”
“Clare created the space for us to work together honestly and effectively. She listened asked questions, challenged where necessary and guided me to find my own solutions. Working with Clare has been liberating – I feel stronger, more energised, both physically and mentally.”

Whether you want support personally or professionally, give me a call and we can talk through your potential and how we can work together to move forward.

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Coaching 1:1 on a personal level

So much of what we achieve in life is impacted by what we believe. Through my training and working with amazing people, I have discovered that you are never too young, or too old, and no goal is unattainable. If you believe it to be possible, we can get you there. If you feel life could be better but you don’t know where to start, we can work out the best place to begin.

  • Building confidence
  • Identifying and meeting goals
  • Behaviour change
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Addictive behaviours

Coaching 1:1 for professionals

A lot is being asked of us all working in complex and uncertain times. Working in grassroots innovation has given me unique understanding of these challenges. We need to learn to adapt, find new skills to motivate, innovate and see possibility and hope in the face of change. Leaders face challenges in motivating teams, providing shared experience and articulating realistic ambition. Leaders need to think differently about how to work, support their teams, create environments that make the most of their resources encouraging greater collaboration and organisational stamina. Whatever your position at work, we are all leading lives that are vastly different, I can help you lead your life better and support you to meet your goals.

  • Change management
  • New Leadership skills in complex times
  • Working with existing resource with better results
  • Developing a learning culture
  • Managing conflict and challenge
  • Building resilient teams
  • Overachieving by underplaying

Coaching for resilient teams

Teams work well when they understand and know what matters to each other, when they can contribute fully and openly, be themselves, to be better. This is especially important for teams who have been fractured and fatigued during this pandemic. I specialise in motivating teams in uncertain times.

To maintain team spirit, promote strong performance it will be vital to create a shared ‘space’ where it is safe to be open and vulnerable, and encouraged to be creative, inspired and discover new viable ways of working and thinking that fit into the world we now live in. I coach teams to gain insights into how each other work, what motivates them, how best to communicate and how to articulate a shared goal for all to focus on. I curate a safe space to encourage open talking and innovative thinking, where conflicts can be face, and a new sense of possibility can be accessed.

I run coaching sessions as bespoke forums for discussion and collaboration, and can design specific masterclasses, workshops, lunch and learns, or talks to meet requirements.

Teams will work better together with communication, collaboration and innovation

  • Recognise power of small change for big impact
  • Be confident dealing with change and conflict
  • Stronger creative problem solving skills
  • Think beyond the boundaries to see new ideas and inspiration

1:1 coaching & team coaching sessions can be delivered on or offline
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