Focus on WHY episode 138 Hidden Potential with Clare Richmond is out now!⠀Listen here.

You already have what you need. You just need to release it. So start small, but start somewhere.

When given the right conditions and with a sense of possibility, where a ‘less is more’ philosophy is adopted and diverse thinking is applied, this is when true grassroots heroes begin to emerge and achieve extraordinary opportunities within a community. Social innovator and community catalyst, Clare Richmond, is passionate about harnessing the energy and innovation of a grassroots approach to discover the power of the community. ⠀

Working with existing resources to improve resilience and agility and developing collaboration and innovation, Clare encourages organisations and communities to work together to deliver a common goal through the recognition, release and application of the huge hidden potential of their people.⠀

What hidden potential do you have within you? ⠀

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