Grassroots Heroes

The Grassroots Innovators Manifesto

We believe that within our communities and organisations, suppressed by hierarchy and the way things ‘should’ be done, there exists enormous hidden, undervalued and unnoticed, creativity, enterprise and energy.

But there’s hope.  All around us there are countless examples of people doing amazing things, highlighting how, from small  beginnings, human ingenuity, determination and vision can create remarkable initiatives, projects and movements.  They show that when engaged, we are capable of achieving the incredible and really can make the world a better place to live and work.

From local community to global business, a grassroots attitude opens up new ways of working, revealing that it doesn’t take a lot to make a massive difference. In each case, an inspiration in one person has caught light in others, and created real change.

Our vision is to celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary, magnifying natural enterprise, skill and innovation that exists all around us, celebrating success and injecting a new sense of possibility. We want to show that you already have what you need, you just need to release it.

Nominate Your Heroes

We continue to search out these heroes wherever they exist. People who demonstrate our belief in the huge capacity for people to do far more, with much less. 

Someone who accomplishes something extraordinary. Starting with very little they can make the most of the resources available to them, building something with resonance and impact – beyond its humble beginnings.

Over to you.

Nominate your heroes by contacting us with your hero’s story or tweeting or posting with the hashtag #GrassrootsHeroes

Pam Warhurst
Theaster Gates
Adam Smith
Fautma Abdulkadir Adan
James Whelton
Jos de Blok
Jane Addams

Miles Davis

Grassroots Heroes Stories

Grassroots Heroes Stories Sophia Parker

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