I’m an award-winning speaker and recently won the Professional Speaking Association prestigious Speaker Factor Emerging Speaker of the Year award, 2020.

At the heart of my speaking is the unshakeable belief that we already have what we need, we just need to release it. My talks centre around harnessing the power of people to achieve far more with much less, and offer practical tips on how individuals and organisations can make a big difference through small actions.

I have a master’s degree in Creative Leadership, so my talks are grounded in leadership theory combined with my practical experience working with organisations and communities and inspired by my work in grassroot innovation. I connect with my audiences with passion, intelligence, and thought-provoking insights.

Three key speaking themes

Finding Your Hidden Potential

You already have what you need – you just need to release it.

This talk throws open the door to possibility, getting audiences to look again and look deeper at what they already have, to find new wells of potential. With inspiring stories and anecdotes to evidence the extraordinary capacity that lies within people when given the right conditions and the steps needed to galvanize and empower, Clare offers insights and fresh ideas to act upon immediately.

Lessons for Leaders to Unlearn

The absurdity of certainty and other unhelpful myths.

Grassroot innovation and leadership thrives on uncertainty and complexity. In this talk, Clare will demonstrate some of the easy to apply ideas that will transform your leadership approach to team building and goal exceeding.

Lessons to unlearn addresses some of the old-style leadership limitations and offers up new approaches easily adopted that can make a massive difference in small achievable ways.

The Power of Small

It doesn’t take a lot to make a massive difference just something different to be done.

Contrary to popular belief Big is not always Better. This talk brings the Power of Small into the forefront, challenging people to think differently about how small actions can make the biggest difference, creating an ideal environment to learn better, faster and encourage greater creativity and innovation.

With small well-placed actions we can build stronger connections, greater commitment and create teams able to withstand change, uncertainty, and challenge.

People I speak to

Leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, L&D, HR community leaders, anyone who wants to make the most of what they already have and create better performing teams and more resilient communities. My talks will bring fresh thinking to your door and leave you with easy-to-implement actions for you to engage your grassroots potential and transform your organisation.

I can deliver short talks, longer keynotes, leaders’ development sessions remotely, or in person. Keynotes and talks can be tailored for events, industry conferences, company away days and forums.

I have been booked to speak on:

  • Workplace engagement and team building
  • Change management

  • New lessons for leadership

  • Community engagement and regeneration.

  • Future of high streets

“Clare’s credibility as an expert in her field, her confident and engaging delivery and clear ideas that an audience could think about and act upon.”

Steve Bustin, The National President of the Professional Speaking Association

“What I really loved about Clare Richmond’s speech is how she shifted public speaking into something so intimate and natural. I have not seen anyone (emphasis on anyone) else achieve that. It feels like a whole new standard for online speaking, as I imagine an individual listener would find it harder to get distracted because of the subtlety of engagement. And yes, you can quote me on that!”

Cathy Towers

“Clare’s has the ability to bring people together to develop a shared vision and ambition and get real practical changes to happen and transform not just a commercial operation but a highstreet, neighbourhood and community. Her infectious enthusiasm resets mindsets and changes the possibilities those who work with her are willing to consider.”

Bernard Marshall, Change Advisor at Commonwealth Secretariat

“Clare’s online delivery style was superb. She had people in the palm of her hand in seconds. Her speech content is relevant to almost everyone right now, and is guaranteed to help individuals and teams raise their game.”

Anthony Stears, President of the PSA London Region

“Clare – I hear you were both persuasive and passionate at last night’s Saatchi & Saatchi ‘the future high street’ event – you made a great impact.”

Andy Parfitt, Executive Director Talent Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA

“I saw Clare deliver her winning speech at the Professional Speaking Association annual conference. Right from the start she captivated the audience with her message and ability to engage through the screen. What I liked most was her assured yet natural, relaxed style. She came across as knowledgeable, genuine and at ease. A safe pair of hands as a speaker for any corporate audience.”

Deborah Henley, Professional Keynote Speaker

“Clare is opinionated, and awesome!”

Jane Johnston, Director RedLab

“Clare is a fantastic speaker. She connected immediately with the audience and articulated a clear, inspiring message. She had prepared well, and communicated a fresh message clearly, without jargon – she is a unique and authentic voice (in the high street debate.)”

Alistair Johnston, Director, Digital High-Street Conference

“Clare’s story is compelling and I have asked her to share it with people in all sorts of senior positions to the point where I’m sure her patience might have been stretched! She describes her journey from accidental Crouch End convenor, through stages of learning including success and set-backs, to understanding what it takes to bring groups of people together, voluntarily and with no outside resource, to get into effective action around a cause. She does it in a way that is both completely down-to-earth and straightforward, yet also hugely insightful into why people do and don’t do things. So many people in organisations want to do things like ‘create communities’ and ‘motivate action’. Most go about it in ways that won’t work. They need to speak to Clare.”

Charlie Dawson, Director RedLab

Clients I have spoken to

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