The Scavenger Approach

Everything we have learnt about leadership has taught us that when people feel valued, connected and have ownership, they will respond by being more innovative, committed and collaborative. Capable of far more than we once imagined, leading to outstanding outcomes. This is where our focus lies, helping to make those connections, delivering sense of value and creating wider ownership.

We work with leaders both professionally and personally, from a cross section of industry, communities and organisations. Those who maybe struggling with reduced resources, tighter budgets and growing fatigue and stress. We help them to make the most of what they already have to achieve far more than they thought possible.

Scavenger Solutions


Experience and knowledge may not be enough to make the right decisions. Indeed, there may be no right answers.

To ensure impact and leap ahead we need to build something more sustainable. To create a sense of community, an environment to connect, challenge and innovate.

Achieving a sense of community within an organization or group of people creates a high performance environment.

Scavenger Support

We operate a bespoke service to reflect our client’s specific challenges, opportunities and budget. There is a variety of support available.

Public Speaking.
Clare talks on Leadership, Community and Innovation

Coaching and Mentoring
Leadership coaching 1:1 or offered within teams.

Workshops, Facilitation, Roundtables

Clare Richmond

SpeakTo is led by social innovator and leadership consultant Clare Richmond.

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