Start small, start somewhere.

A Grassroots Approach

Our grassroots experience has inspired a new approach to leadership. We help organisations and communities to adopt grassroots thinking and behaviours to foster greater innovation and sustainable growth through small action change. From strategic consultancy to our bespoke Burst Workshops, we believe that rather than grand scale upheaval, small changes can create exciting new opportunities.

Ours is an approach not a template. We work with each community and organisation to understand its unique DNA, identifying the real challenges and opportunities that exist. Key to our work is offering feedback that signposts recommendations for next step delivery, building capacity from within.

Our Burst Workshops act as a catalyst for opening up debate and releasing innovation. Small bursts of disruption creating ideal conditions for rethinking, re-imagining and re-energising. Designed to fit into workplace lunchtimes or short time slots, Bursts can work in isolation or form part of a series, evolving and shaping to the emerging needs and opportunities of the group and organisation. ​

Small, perfectly formed learning atoms that when dropped into an organisation or community, become capsules of energy, opening up innovation and inspiration, ​becoming​ drivers for adaptive learning and working.

Last night’s workshop was incredibly helpful in encompassing the complexity of being a new political organisation that is new and maturing and trying to deliver something that has a narrative that is different. Clare R. you are amazing!


Mobilise your organisation’s grassroots potential, releasing the potential that already exists.

Bespoke solutions to empower organisations and business leaders to mobilise their employees or  community to create sustainable growth in times of change and complexity. Our consultancy work projects focus on effective engagement within communities and public and private sector organisations.

Kickstart the Attitude This package includes an inspirational talk and 1:1 consultation to identify how grassroots attitude can be adopted, and how.

Discovery Programme Where are the opportunities and barriers to effective engagement? Where does influence really lie and how can greater collaboration and innovation be achieved?
A 6–10 week programme using interviews, group discussions and talks to inspire, engage and discover. At the end of this programme is a feedback presentation with key stakeholders to present and discuss findings, insights and recommended next steps.

GCIndex We use the Index as a highly impactful tool helping companies identify and nurture key talent, identifying how people at all levels in organisations make their impact.

Building Momentum Follow on from the Discovery Programme, we continue to offer support when needed, and to facilitate regular reviews and reflections on progress and support in times of difficulty.

Leadership Mentoring Bespoke 1:1 sessions over an agreed time frame.

Burst Workshops

Each Burst is designed for a maximum of 12 people for a short time session. An informal, experimental and relaxed atmosphere, where job titles are incidental, facilitating maximum output.

At the end of the experience we will prompt new thinking, ideas and introduce an energy to drive identified actions to deliver long term change.

Key Themes

What is a Grassroots Attitude
Why is it so important?
Finding Grassroots potential.
Know what you have.
Releasing your Grassroots potential.
Creating the best conditions.
Facing the Uglies.
Building momentum.
Key lessons for leaders to unlearn.

Keynote Speaker

Clare Richmond is an inspirational and engaging speaker. Her keynote speeches are on grassroots approach and leadership themes and she connects with her audience with passion, intelligence, humour and often outspoken views.

Keynotes can be tailored for events, industry conferences, company away days and forums.

Clare has a Masters degree in Creative Leadership and is a fellow of the RSA.

Keynote themes include:

  1. How a Grassroots Attitude can change the world, one small step at a time.
  2. Why having a successful failure narrative motivates and empowers.
  3. The Absurdity of Certainty, and why it stifles potential.