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Grassroots innovators achieve extraordinary results with very little by thinking differently about limitations and where opportunities really exist.

We bring fresh thinking to stubborn problems and demonstrate how you already have the resources and skills you need to achieve your goals. Years of working with grassroot innovation and leaders has given us unique insights into how to find hidden potential, motivate people and bring people with you through times of uncertainty and dynamic change. Our workshops and Masterclasses are designed to inject new energy and innovative thinking building new confidence and collaboration.

SpeakTo Burst Workshops – Short, Sweet but Mighty!

Neuroscience has shown that we can only usefully focus for 40 minutes – an hour, and that we need time to absorb and make sense of what we have learnt. Our Burst Workshops are designed with this in mind, a series of shorter workshops, each one informing the content and direction of the next, with access in between to capture arising questions or ideas and offering proper opportunity to reflect.

All our workshops series begin at the same place, and evolve to focus on different themes pertinent to the teams/leader groups we are working with. The Hidden Potential Bursts begin with a session to kick start the workshop series, to open up fresh thinking and ideas about hidden potential, and introduces key themes of Purpose, Diversity and Inclusion, and the Power of small change to make a big, long lasting impact.

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Burst Workshops: You’ve Got This Series

A workshop series designed to build confidence and capacity and reveal true potential of leaders and teams. By introducing key themes and simple techniques help teams and leaders find their real strengths and learn how to make the most of these.

At the end of each workshop, we will identify up to 3 small actions to take away and implement to help build confidence and introduce new positive behaviours.

First Burst: Finding hidden potential

Stories, anecdotes, and a little bit of science to illustrate how we are all capable of achieving more with the right environment.
How to achieve very much more, with less. Revealing potential.

Participants will learn

  • Fresh thinking about where potential lies, and how to galvanize it
  • Recognise their strengths – see where strengths lie in others
  • Rethink the best way to motivate people – 3 key steps
  • Small actions to create ideal environments to bring out the best in teams
  • New ways to communicate and collaborate

  • Managing uncertainty

Burst Themes

Purpose Is yours fit enough?
Growth Letting go of Perfect – why perfect prevents progress creativity
The creative advantage of facing up to limitations Motivation: Why Being Right is not the answer to motivate collaboration Facing the uglies – conflict, change, and complexity Managing Uncertainty Why Not knowing is the way forward
New approach for leaders Achieving more with much less.